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ARS Colors journey began in the year 2001 with an aim to minimize errors in matching dyed yarns like wool viscose and cotton. Our team has traveled through this wonderful world of colors where each color conceals a story. Our color referencing system has played a major role in the Carpet, Textile, Home Furnishing, and yarn manufacturing industry as one of the best color matching tool. 

Blue Shades

Symbolizes Trust Loyalty, And Confidence

ARS Pomp

ARS 1400 Wool Shades

Red Shades

Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion,

ARS Color pomp

ARS 1400 Wool Shades

If You Truly Love Nature You Will Find Beauty Everywhere

Nature Always Wears The Color of The spirit

ARS 1200 Wool Shades

ARS 600

wool shades

An ideal and handy color reference system with 600 shades in wool having the maximum range of colors.

ARS 320

viscose shades

A Shiny and elegant collection of 320 shades in viscose which is very convenient to use due to its easy reference numbers and organized placing of different group of shades.

ARS 1200

wool shades

A complete and comprehensive collection of 1200 shades in wool. This Color system contains a perfect combination of both neutral and splashy shades

ARS 1400

wool shades

A unique and durable reference system with an extensive range of 1400 shades in wool. It is our best-selling product as the users have access to 1400 different shades in a single box.

ARS 700

viscose shades

A highly efficient color reference system with a collection of 700 shades in viscose, split into 5 trays with 10 groups which is convenient to use due to its easy reference number

ARS 1000

viscose shades

A diverse collection of confident and shallow colors which comprises of 1000 shades in viscose, split into 5 trays with 20 groups.


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if you have not updated your ars colors reference system for years, you are likely to be using faded or inaccurate colors. Our color boxes do not last forever as natural fiber have a tendency of fading due to factors such as handling, humidity, usage, improper storage, and light exposure which are all uncontrollable factors. therefore the firm is not to be held responsible for it.